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Experiential Leadership GROWTH

In researching the field of leadership, we found that all subject matter could be fit into four major categories. Each of these categories could be learned or refreshed at any time to support the learning and understanding of the other categories. Please refrain from thinking of these subfields in sequential order but consider which would best support our development right now. We know through our research that we are not born leaders, but leadership is learned skill. In terms of the pursuit of excellence in any subject matter, putting in the time (combined with purposeful reflection and thought) will help our proficiency and success. Let us help you reach your human leadership potential!

Research / Evidenced Based Practices: As a thought leader in the field of Experiential Leadership Development, we use evidenced based practices and methods in the field leadership development; consequentially we are conducting our own research. Our research focuses on the measurable's or outputs of the leadership events, training and education we offer.

When we confirm a program, we will discuss our measurables for each program and are happy to share the status of results current research we are conducting. We will also ask about participants being included in a pre and posttest questionnaire and/or assessments to further help with identifying the benefits or specific leadership development training and future program modification. The ultimate goal is to produce search and a publication on our research.

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Benefits of Experiential Leadership Development

Research Driven Outcomes

Research Driven Outcomes

Created using evidence based research and best practices.

Your Self

Develop self-awareness, reflective thinking, and deeper relationships. Brain changes in problems, behaviors, and feeling. Accomplish projects more successfully.

Your Team

Leaders who are trusted are more effective at motivating their teams leading to better team cohesiveness and interpersonal communication, higher levels of trust, and better problem-solving abilities.

Your Culture

Improved cultural awareness of our differences and attitudes towards others, and promotes more local community involvement.  

Your Business

Developing problem solving abilities and leadership relationships has been found to significantly related to business success metrics in lower employee turnover, lower absenteeism, high productivity, better job performance.

" The team event exceeded our expectations and was very well received by our team. " Tim, Google

" Two of our top athletes said that this was the best training camp and training camp activities they have ever done in the more than 10 years as a professional cyclist. " Ali, Cannondale Garmin

" For the experience our groups had, I would say that the pricing is a real value and would happily recommend this group to anyone interested in being active while in the beautiful state of Colorado. " Jennifer, Oppenheimer


Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos