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Doing a little good in the world can actually result in tremendous positive change.

As a result, we incorporate social impact elements into our events to maximize the potential for long-lasting and transformational growth in companies, teams, and individuals.

Built For Need Bicycle Challenge

Take yourself back to a time when your bike was the greatest toy on earth. Now imagine building that bike with your own two hands and then racing it against your friends and colleagues in unique events like the Slugfest, Bike Limbo, Trike Polo, Scooter Inertia Race and more. The best part is, that at the finish line, you will donate all the bicycles to a local non-profit organization!

Giving A Helping Hand

This is your opportunity to invest a few hours of time to change the lives of individuals forever. Your philanthropic task is to build prosthetic hands needed by tens of thousands of people around the world who cannot afford these devices. Our team building staff will provide an inspiring atmosphere, the amazing build-a-hand kits, and the guidance needed for assembly. You won’t believe what can be done in a few hours when you engage your hands, heads and hearts.

Camper Quest

Spread the love of the great outdoors with those less privileged. Your company resources will be used to buy a cache of essential camping and outdoor recreation products. Then we’ll design team challenges that repurpose the gear to create one-of-a-kind team challenges. Your intrepid band of adventure seekers will have to maximize your collective intuition, physical abilities and mental strengths to successfully complete each of the challenges. We’ll track your progress and keep score and be ready to announce the winning team, but not before the camping supplies and recreational goods are re-packaged and donated to outdoor leadership organizations, inner city youth, or local Boy Scout Troops!

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The Value Of Service

Promotes Personal Growth & Self-Esteem

Sometimes for individuals to change or transform, it requires them stepping outside themselves and helping others in need.

Provides an Opportunity to Learn a New Skil

Serving others feels good but it can also be an incredible catalyst and motivator for lasting individual and team growth.

Enhances Quality of Life & Well-Being

Enhanced communication skills, improved critical thinking and problem solving, enhanced trust, improve decision making skills, enhanced team work, leadership, and cooperation.

Provides Incredibly Rewarding Experiences

To make an enduring life change at both an individual and organizational level, it’s important to see the big picture in life – social impact experiences help bring this idea into focus.


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" The team event exceeded our expectations and was very well received by our team. " Tim, Google

" Two of our top athletes said that this was the best training camp and training camp activities they have ever done in the more than 10 years as a professional cyclist. " Ali, Cannondale Garmin

" For the experience our groups had, I would say that the pricing is a real value and would happily recommend this group to anyone interested in being active while in the beautiful state of Colorado. " Jennifer, Oppenheimer


Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos