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Our programs are designed for all types of teams and activities. Whether it's a two hour event, a multi-day overnight trek, or a completely custom experience, we've got you covered.

Featured Trips

team building

Work Together To Sculpt Ice Structures Based On Core Group Principles.
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team building

Explore Boulder & Denver’s Best-Known Breweries as a Team.
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team building

Navigate The Napa Valley Of Beer For Beer Tokens In Our Unique Brewery Race.
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Team Building
Transforming Teams

For companies seeking to improve teamwork, trust, communication, or collaboration, we offer a wide range of team-building experiences. From an exciting Wilderness Amazing Race to an amusing interactive scavenger hunt to a fun brewery tour or even to a multi-day course centered on team dynamics and bonding, we design each event to meet your goals and objectives.

Leadership Development
Creating Leaders

In addition to team building, we offer specific programs for both established and emerging leaders. These programs give leaders insight into both their strengths and areas needing development, considering the opportunities and challenges inherent in directing a team.

Group Outings
Experiential Adventures

A day outdoors – biking, hiking, fly fishing, climbing, whitewater rafting, sightseeing – can be a meaningful perk for your employees, with time for individual restoration and connections with colleagues.

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams works closely with your organization to coordinate the day’s adventures, including transportation, meals, and other logistics.

Executive Retreats
Positive & Powerful Experiences

An effective executive team often needs uninterrupted time to strategize methodically, examine strengths and weaknesses, and determine strategies for success. Our Executive Retreats are built to bring out the best in the company’s top brass.

We develop activities that test physical and cognitive skills and help companies understand how their executives deal with challenging situations. We will create a program that’s engaging and responsive to a company’s needs, while allowing for individual and team growth.

Community Impact
Action & Impact Of Service

Doing a little good in the world can result in tremendous positive change.

As a result, we incorporate social impact elements into our events to maximize the potential for long-lasting and transformational growth in companies, teams, and individuals.

Book a community impact event with us today!

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams designs and facilitates both indoor and outdoor experiential education team building events and leadership development programs.

Call 303-997-5911 for more details.

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Transforming Teams & Leaders

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Why We Are Unique

Individually Tailored Events That Meet Our Clients’ Needs.


Using questionnaires and conversations, we work closely together to customize an event that meets your specific goals and desired outcomes.


With years of experience our skilled facilitators adapt in real time to maximize client engagement, insight and learning.


We create powerful experiences in awe-inspiring settings using our combined risk management and leadership development expertise.


By navigating all logistics for an incomparable educational adventure, we make the most of your time, leaving planners, participants, and directors supremely satisfied.

" Two of our top athletes said that this was the best training camp activities they have ever done in the more than 10 years as a professional cyclist. "


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Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos