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Single Day Team Building and Multi-Day Team Building

Team building is a constant process. While the event kick-starts the process, the lessons that the team brings back to the office are lasting. When planning your team building event, you might decide between a single and multi-day event, both which help you bring the best out of your team, abet in different ways. Team […]

Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams (CWCAT) News and Events

Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams (CWCAT) News and Events Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams has roared in 2018, bringing a unique brand of community impact, leadership development, and experiential team building to Colorado. We’re working harder than ever to provide the state’s best experiential leadership development and team building experiences, and working with crucial partners, […]

Businesses step in to provide personal connections through leagues for sports

Businesses step in to provide personal connections through leagues for sports like kickball and dodge ball. Creating Win-Win Thinking, one of the agreements in the book Four Agreements. Great wisdom from books like this one are being further incorporated into the fabrics of corporations, companies and organizations around the world that place a premium on […]

Transcending Teams Through Experiential Adventures

Transcending Teams Through Experiential Adventures. In terms of individual / group evolution, there are three stages to change: Here is the hierarchy for personal and team evolution. Self-actualization (1st stage – the foundation for transformation and transcendence) Transformation (2nd stage – middle tier) Transcendence (3rd stage – top tier) – This is our ultimate goal. […]

Be the Inspiration

Be the inspiration: Eudaimonia (yüdēˈmōnēə) Our Adventure Education, Experiential Education, Self-Actualization, Team Building, and Leadership Development Word of Week: Eudaimonia (yüdēˈmōnēə), n. A sustained form of wellbeing that goes along with finding meaning and purpose in life; Human flourishing. Adding action to any word is always are goal. We challenge you to use this word 5 x per […]

OIA Rendezvous 2016 Pre/Post Conference Adventure Tours Denver Colorado

  Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides (CWRAG) is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Outdoor Industry Association’s Rendezvous 2016, representing the best of Colorado guiding across all fields from ski touring to mountaineering, fly fishing, biking, rock climbing, and backpacking as well as outdoor education and corporate team building events. Since 2009, Colorado […]

Amazing Outdoor Race, Scavenger Hunt, and Orienteering

Amazing Outdoor Race, Scavenger Hunt, and Orienteering In Teambuilding activities, our goal is to create a fun, lighthearted activity, which will not only be enjoyable for your group, but also relies on inter-personal communication and trust to reach a common goal. With each individual event designed to meet the goals of your team, we use […]

How Team Building Can Facilitate Your Company’s Merger

For any company, a merger can be an exciting but stressful time. It’s the point where two office cultures and two teams foreign to each other, previously rivals, must now work together. The group needs to learn to trust each other, communicate, and realize that they are now working towards the same goal. A successful […]

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