Wilderness and adventure-oriented team building provides a distinct, and in some ways superior, learning environment in comparison to cozy, indoor team building. While it can be comfortable to train with your team in air-conditioned confines, obstacles in the wilderness can be awe-inspiring, strange, physical, and boldly unique. Nature is big and weird. This distinction in the environment between indoor and wilderness team building programs creates a substantial gap in the benefits and results for your team.


Leaders, teams, and organizations seeking greater variability, substance, and excitement in their team building programming should pursue outdoor team building experiences.

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Geography Matters

 Team building is defined by the shared experience of confronting, negotiating, and overcoming obstacles and challenges as a cooperative team. An adequate team building environment contains legitimate adversities and conundrums that demand critical thinking, candid discussion, and sincere, effortful teamwork to bring about resolutions, growth, and team success. The environment is the container for the process. Outdoor environments are awash with adversities that indoor training environments simply cannot hold. At Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides our experts take advantage of the great expanse and unique challenge of the Colorado wilderness to deliver invaluable and enduring cooperative experiences for your team.

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What We Offer

Our programs are wild. Scavenger hunts, amazing races, whitewater rafting, rescue scenarios, and orienteering programs define a small portion of our offerings to improve the communication, cohesion, and cooperation of your team. We offer physical metaphors. The soft skills of business and life are born of transferable lessons and ethics that can be gleaned from the full spectrum of experience. This is our bag. We strive to help your team rally around a common purpose, draw on the value each person brings, and craft solutions that push onwards to meet the demands of the moment.