As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, fostering a tight-knit team with mutual trust and care can be a challenge – but not an impossible one. Unlock your team’s full potential with the ultimate team-building experience! At Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams, our experts harness the power of the great outdoors to create a dynamic environment where your team will face real challenges and work together to overcome them. With breathtaking scenery and endless opportunities for adventure, our wilderness setting provides the perfect backdrop for critical thinking, open discussion, and the kind of sincere teamwork that leads to growth, success, and lasting memories. So why settle for an indoor training environment when you can have the Colorado wilderness? Take a look at some of the options we have for your next team or corporate gathering.

Step up the fun with these team-building options:

Game Zone

The Best Boulder Team Building and Leadership Development Events 
A team works together to complete the plank walk, part of our Game Zone challenge, that focuses on trust, empathy, and leadership.

Part field day, part funhouse, and part serious teaching tool, the Game Zone challenges are thought-provoking, active, and intelligent – encouraging teams to work together towards playful success. A light-hearted day out set in a local park or open space, with zany games like Human Hungry Hippos, Ramblers Rodeo, Cherry Picking, Memory Disc, and the Scooter Inertia Race, Game Zone is a great way to have teams working together in a creative way to earn points.

The Urban Amazing Race

Urban Amazing Race group
This Water World challenge focuses on leadership building, communication, and delegation.

Looking for a unique way to get to know your team and explore Colorado’s vibrant cities? Join us for an urban adventure filled with fun challenges and a touch of local history. Our custom-designed courses combine mental and physical tasks with a touch of local culture, geography, and history. Whether navigating using maps, rhymes, or riddles, your team will be in for a fast-paced and unforgettable experience. So come see the city like never before and bring your team-building to the next level with our urban amazing race!

Take your team to the next level with these training-focused team-building options:

Experience the Journey

Experience the Journey Colorado Wilderness Corporate Team Building - group outside doing challenge
This team is playing helium stick, focusing on leadership, communication, collaboration, and focus.

Your team will face various challenges that test their personal leadership and team-building abilities for successful completion. Reflection opportunities are integrated into the program to enhance learning and transfer the experience back to both personal and professional settings. Our event combines low ropes elements and team-building games, tailored to your group’s goals and based on our goals assessment form, to deepen each member’s understanding of their role and how to work effectively as a team. The activities, through play and fun, aim to provide interactive and experiential learning with a focus on both group and individual benefits. You’ll be both mentally and physically challenged as you work through each element, with each test measuring and improving your group’s collaboration and leadership development skills.

You vs. Wild

You vs. Wild Outdoor Team Building Challenge Colorado Wilderness
This team is working through our Builder challenge, building trust and sensory integration within the group.

Are you ready for a heart-pumping adventure that will test your team’s skills under pressure? Then Colorado Outdoor You Vs. Wild Rescue Scenario is a great choice to challenge your team. Here, you’ll face simulated survival challenges that will require creativity, ingenuity, and teamwork to overcome. Our experienced guides have trained individuals to tackle some of the toughest environments on Earth, from Mount Everest to Antarctica. Now, it’s your turn to learn about yourself and your team as you navigate through dynamic outdoor obstacles. With safety as our top priority, each challenge is customized to push your team to the limit while building essential skills like communication, incident command systems, and group dynamics. So embrace the unpredictable and embrace the adventure with our “Challenge by Choice” philosophy.


Our team-building challenges are an adventure like no other. From scavenger hunts to amazing races, whitewater rafting to rescue scenarios, and everything in between, we have something to suit every team’s needs. Our programs are designed to improve communication, cohesion, and cooperation, using physical metaphors to help you transfer lessons and ethics to the workplace. Our goal is to help your team come together, harness the unique strengths of each individual, and rise to meet any challenge. Let us help you build a team that’s ready for anything. Contact Colorado Wilderness at (720) 242-9828 or email to set up your gathering today!