For any company, a merger can be an exciting but stressful time. It’s the point where two office cultures and two teams foreign to each other, previously rivals, must now work together. The group needs to learn to trust each other, communicate, and realize that they are now working towards the same goal. A successful team-building event can show just how much they have in common and how much they need to depend on each other to aim for the best level of success.

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides has worked with major international corporations, small business, and veterans groups, to bring teams closer than they ever imagined. We aim to bridge gaps in communication, design individual activities which promote trust and understanding, and conduct an event which not only builds leadership skills, but promotes a fun and lighthearted atmosphere which is long remembered back at the office.

We never plan any two events the same way. When you call into our office, we target the goals and needs of your organizations and assess the areas we need to focus on. Once we have preliminary information, we hold a teleconference to discuss the options that are best for your organization’s budget and needs. Using these parameters, we design each event based on your specific goals. We are Colorado’s only team building organization with permits to operate on 14 different land manager permits. Our specialty is using skills learned in an outdoor environment and applying them to building leadership and focused knowledge.

We can combine any number of activities including hikes, rock climbing, and bike tours, using opportunities to challenge your team and have them work together towards a goal. Learn why Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides Team Building can take all the guesswork out of your company’s merger.