As the snow melts, Colorado explodes into color and warm air, as spring falls upon the mountains. Up high it’s snowy, but down low it’s pleasant and temperate. It’s a great time to be out in the mountains and perfect for spring team building. In Boulder’s foothills, as the snow gives way to green, try an Orienteering Challenge through the city’s famed trails. In the city, it’s time for an Amazing Race around Boulder or Denver’s historic downtown (or a Brewery Amazing Race to sample all the seasonal flavors!) and have your team discover secrets like never before with a Scavenger Hunt, which uncovers the best of Denver and Boulder.


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Unique Amazing Outdoor Races – Finding Personal and Team Innovation, Inspiration, and Collaboration In The Outdoors.

Experiential Leadership And Team Building In The Outdoors
Experiential Leadership And Team Building In The Outdoors


Collaboration is one is the keys to success team and organizations


Test your team with physical and mental challenges as you enjoy the splendor of the Front Range, and discover the city’s many secrets. An Amazing Race sends your team dashing around the city, collecting clues, solving mind-bending puzzles and challenges, and testing themselves in leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking. The Amazing Race explores some of the city’s iconic locations such as Pearl Street, 16th Street Mall, the State Capitol, the Denver Mint, and the stadiums (Go Rockies and Broncos!).  Want to add another element of uniqueness? ‘Brew up’ an Amazing Race by incorporating Colorado’s famed microbreweries. You’ll get to experience the craft brewery scene like no other, sample some of the upcoming seasonal beers, and play games that’ll leave your team with unforgettable memories.


Orienteering – How To Navigate Your Team In Uncharted Terrain


Custom Orienteering Team Building Experiences
Custom Orienteering Team Building Experiences

To say that Colorado’s scenery is legendary is an understatement. From the mountains to the canyons and the foothills of the Rockies, it’s a rugged playground of parks, open spaces, national lands, and roaring rivers and waterways. Orienteering is a new way to explore Colorado’s trails and mountains, by challenging teams to find their way with acute navigation skills, maps and compasses. We’ll set teams loose as they explore Boulder’s Flatirons, Eldorado Canyon’s towering walls, Rocky Mountain National Park’s alpine lakes and waterfalls, and Golden’s red rock monoliths. Your team will work together to learn essential navigation skills, problem solving, and leadership as they try to be the first to complete the course.


Scavenger Hunts – Using Local History, Culture, Geography To Connect Your Team 

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The Front Range is a treasure trove of icons. From the Denver Mint, to the Stanley Hotel and from Boulder Theater to the Coors Brewery, we’ll look for the very best of Colorado. Consider this your personal sightseeing journey, as you come upon one Colorado landmark after another. We’ll give the team the clues and they have to ask locals, explore the history, and discover local legends to make it to the finish line. Along the way they’ll feel like locals themselves as they learn about the streets, the culture, and the foods that make these cities world-class. Get ready for the greatest tour you’ve ever experienced!

While these are our most popular team building options, when it comes to maximizing your team, the options are endless, from DiSC assessments to leadership development, community impact projects, and group tours such as mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, fly fishing, rafting, or backpacking, our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for your team.