Reconnecting teams and leaders – fall 2021 

Through our current bookings, inquiries, and events, we have found three trends in why groups have been booking events. Organizations  are now seeing the increased value in team building events and in-person meetings because of employee fatigue, employee retention and zoom overload or not being in person for an extended time.

Covid has definitely added many stressors and strains to all organizations and across all professional fields.

Employee fatigue – many organizations, especially in the service and medial fields have team members that have been working through this issues. Events that focus on fun and engagement helped recharge staff.  Try our amazing races (especially our Eldorado Canyon Amazing Race), Experience the Journey or Colorado Corporate Olympics.

Employee Retention – with the competitive work environment with keeping and maintaining great quality team members, creative and engaging out of office events help staff feel valued and appreciated. Our corporate adventure retreats have been tremendously well received.

Zoom Overload and Connect Again in person – with many organizations working and meeting remotely for the past year, making your first meeting about re-connecting, welcoming new team members and seeing what each other look like off a zoom screen. You Vs Wild, Eco Challenge, Brewery Tour and Brewery Amazing Race and Adventure Tours (hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, multi-day rafting or orienteering have been our most requested experiences.

Overall: We have been successfully operating and providing experiential leadership development and team building experiences throughout 2021. We do still have some restrictions based on where we operate in and around with our permitting.

Please contact us and opportunities for your team, company or organization. 720-242-9828.