Single Day Team Building and Multi-Day Team Building

Team building is a constant process. While the event kick-starts the process, the lessons that the team brings back to the office are lasting. When planning your team building event, you might decide between a single and multi-day event, both which help you bring the best out of your team, abet in different ways. Team building helps your group see leadership first-hand and makes them more aware of their potential. Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams helps to give the tools and teach the art of development, so that even after the event, your team continues to grow.

A single day trip is perfect for teams who are on a tight schedule, or who need a push to help with their bonding. It helps build the basic building blocks and give teams the initial skills.

For teams with a more complex organization or deeper goals, a multi-day team building gets to the heart of the group and helps to uncover how best the team works together with an unforgettable experience that bonds, educates, and teaches important skills from the field to the office.

But how do you choose a single day or multi-day event? Here’s where the benefits lie.

Single Day Team Building

Storytelling Leadership Development Event - Telling the perfect story!
Storytelling Leadership Development Event – Telling the perfect story!

 The single day team building gives teams the basic development tools that they can then take back to the office and maximize their potential. The goal of each team-building event is to look at the individual goals and needs of the teams and then build the event appropriately around those necessities. The goal of the event is two-fold. The first is seeing what leadership will look like and understanding different types of leadership and methodologies to solving a problem. The other is to make the team more self directed and aware of their potential. After the day, the team is given focused feedback through post-activity reflection. The single day team building is a wonderful opportunity for teams with a limited timeframe who are looking for a deeper bond within their organization.


Multi-Day Team Building

Benefits of Colorado multiday leadership development and team building events
Benefits of Colorado multiday leadership development and team building events

 Sometimes teams have complexities that can’t be solved in a single day. Whether it’s a merger or acquisition where two company cultures are coming together, it’s a team who has a complex structure of managers and employees looking for better understanding of each other, or it’s the ultimate way to give a group an experience that they’ll never top or forget. The multi-day team building takes all the components of the single day but elaborates on specific skills and activities so that each day is dedicated to a task, skill, or focus. One might be a day dedicated to communication, while another might work on interpersonal skills. Some days may be dedicated to bridging cultural differences, while one day may be just for fun. Multi-day team building is the best way to realize where your team is excelling and what they may need to find common ground in.


The best way to start planning your team building experience is to have a chat with our team about the individual needs and goals of your group. From there we’ll design a custom event with our highly experienced guides and facilitators to bring out the best in your group.

Talk with a Leadership and Team Building Expert today!
Talk with a Leadership and Team Building Expert today!