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Camp Upper Colorado River or the epic Ruby Horse-thief Canyon

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River Camping Retreats

Our river camping retreats are either centered around a base camp on the Upper Colorado River or involve moving parts on multiday river rafting trips through Ruby Horse-thief Canyon. This retreat is for corporate teams wanting to see the sunrise, smell the scents of the desert or mountains, hear a constant stream of water, and get in touch with the eternal qualities that connect us all.

Our river retreats generally combine river rafting, fly fishing, hiking, wilderness skills, etc. Within these activities, we will combine leadership development exercises or team-building activities to help develop and further flush out the goals of your organization and retreat. The Upper Colorado base camp trip generally has activities in and around the water. You will come back to camp each night. Depending on the season and fire state, we will either have real fires or propane fire pits to facilitate conversations well into the night.

For Ruby-Horsethief-based trips, we will move camp each night. During these retreats, team members are each assigned leadership roles for the day to execute an amazing trip and experience. These are perfect retreats for those interested in combining the adventure found around rivers with team building and leadership development in a truly transformational way.

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Benefits of Experiential Leadership

Research Driven Outcomes

Your Self

Develop self-awareness, reflective thinking, and deeper relationships. Brain changes in problems, behaviors, and feeling. Accomplish projects more successfully.

Your Team

Leaders who are trusted are more effective at motivating their teams leading to better team cohesiveness and interpersonal communication, higher levels of trust, and better problem-solving abilities.

Your Culture

Improved cultural awareness of our differences and attitudes towards others, and promotes more local community involvement.

Your Business

Developing problem solving abilities and leadership relationships has been found to significantly related to business success metrics in lower employee turnover, lower absenteeism, high productivity, better job performance.

" The team event exceeded our expectations and was very well received by our team. " Tim, Google

" Two of our top athletes said that this was the best training camp and training camp activities they have ever done in the more than 10 years as a professional cyclist. " Ali, Cannondale Garmin

" For the experience our groups had, I would say that the pricing is a real value and would happily recommend this group to anyone interested in being active while in the beautiful state of Colorado. " Jennifer, Oppenheimer


Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos