Denver Corporate Social Responsibility Activities  

The best way to truly unite your team is to create a program that builds both your team and helps the community around them. A Denver social activity helps teams discover a whole new side to corporate team building, which builds leadership, educates about the community around others, and helps to build a knowledge of social issues which affect the local and state-wide landscape.

Denver Corporate Social Responsibility means lending a hand to the local landscape, whether it means visiting local parks and trailheads for cleanup days, visiting about the local wildlife centers and fisheries to learn about how they are making a difference in Colorado’s natural habitats, or building a bike for underprivileged children in the Boulder / Denver area. These are some of our favorite Denver Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Impact Activities.


Trail Cleanup in Denver and Boulder

The lifeblood of Coloradans is the wide swath of open spaces, state and national parks, city trails, waterways, and climbing walls. From hiking to mountain biking and rock climbing, Coloradans love their trails and natural spaces, and work hard to maintain them and keep them accessible. With thousands of visitors across the state every day, the trails require a lot of upkeep, from keeping vegetation from overcrowding the path, to keeping them free of trash and debris.

A trail cleanup day in Boulder brings teams into different task-groups, armed with shovels, tools, and rakes, to help keep the trails in pristine condition and maintained so that generations of Coloradans continue to love and appreciate them. Teams will use physical strength and leadership to assign tasks, work together to overcome obstacles, and get to enjoy a spectacular surrounding of mountain skylines, rolling hills, and access that’s only minutes from Downtown Boulder and Downtown Denver.

Similarly to Colorado’s hiking trails, we’ll also get to explore the state’s mountain biking and rock climbing access trails, adding an additional depth of gratitude from the local adventure community when they see that their beloved trails have been kept and improved. After we’re done working on the trail, we’ll get an opportunity to use them, whether through biking, hiking, or climbing.

Maintain a trail, help the outdoor community, then get to reap the fruits of labor and enjoy a day in the mountains.

Native Outdoors Rocky Mountain National Park Volunteer Project


Colorado’s Fisheries and Wildlife Centers

To truly understand what Coloradan’s love most is to understand the importance of the state’s fisheries and wildlife centers, and giving a hand to help maintain some of the state’s fisheries and wildlife habitats. From the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to the state fisheries, we’ll understand how wildlife and a healthy fish population help maintain the health and vitality of Colorado’s waterways and natural spaces.

With the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge center, we’ll get to learn about the importance of rehabilitating injured wildlife including mammals, birds, and amphibians, many who reside in natural and open spaces opposite Downtown Denver.

On the other side of exploring Colorado’s wildlife centers and refuges is exploring the fisheries and their importance in Colorado’s natural health. The fisheries help stock the rivers, which benefit both the quality of sport and fly-fishing in Colorado’s vast waterways, and help to maintain the health of the river’s natural ecosystem.

In exploring Colorado’s fisheries, we’ll get to look at the tanks where the fish populations are birthed and maintained, and work on keeping them clean and organized. We’ll look at the different kinds of trout species and how each one helps to maintain the ecosystem and we’ll learn about the importance of fish to both Colorado’s natural landscape and the outdoor recreation industry as a whole. This is a great way to see a part of Colorado that’s very rarely explored.

Using Colorado Fishery Practices to improve sustainable fishery practices iaround the globe.
Using Colorado Fishery Practices to improve sustainable fishery practices around the globe.


Corporate Social Responsibility Event Colorado Trout Restoration Project Clean-Up
Corporate Social Responsibility Event Colorado Trout Restoration Project Clean-Up


Build-A-Bike Denver

There’s no better way to give back to the community then to help support Denver’s underprivileged population, and give a child the ultimate sense of freedom: a bicycle. A Build-A-Bike program takes a deconstructed brand new bicycle, and teams have to work together to assemble a working bike that will be given to an underprivileged child in the Denver / Boulder area.

Teams learn reliance on each other and leadership as they work together to put each individual component of the bike together, and then get to watch the child receive it. It’s a great way to put individual talents to the test mentality and physicality to solve problems and help build a sturdy bicycle that we then provide to local children.

This is a great way to learn reliance on individual skills and test mechanical ability, physical strength, and mental fortitude.

Learn to help support the community and children with the Build a Bike program in Denver.

Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Team Boulder Build A Bike Event
Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Team Build A Bike Community Impact Event