COVID 19 Update

COVID-19 Update – April 10 2020

We are Open for Phone Business and Bookings!

COVID-19 Company Updates – April 10th, 2020. Colorado Stay-at-home order extended until April 26th.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these challenging times. Here are our latest updates: Our offices are closed to foot traffic until the Stay at Home order is lifted by our governor. However, we are still booking outings, events, team building, and leadership development for the summer and fall. We really appreciate your business during these difficult times. If you are contemplating how to bring your team back together after weeks of isolation, we’ve got the event for you (and it can include social distancing)!

Give us a call at 720-242-9828. We will to craft a great outdoor experience that fits your needs and inspires your team!


COVID 19 Update – March 17 2020 

At Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, we hold a great professional concern for the health and wellness of our staff, clients and community.  In response to the challenge posed by COVID-19, our office has begun to operate remotely and we have decided to postpone all services through April 1. We believe that playing our part in limiting social contact is part of our responsibility and that “flattening the curve” will have a positive impact, allowing our medical community to have the most resources available.  (See below for information on flattening the curve)
After April 1, we will reassess on a weekly basis our ability to offer services and assist clients in exploring the healing and therapeutic effects of the outdoors. We are accepting bookings for April and onwards, but will always offer the option of postponing those trips and services if you need to change your plans or if the scientists and professionals in charge of slowing the spread of the virus continue to call for social distancing.
We encourage everyone to continue focusing on their health and wellness. It is important to stay an appropriate distance away from others to reduce the risk of transmission; but, especially in these uncertain times, we believe it will be helpful to take time to connect with nature. If you can, go for a walk, take a bike ride, stretch beneath a tree, explore a new trail, sit by a stream, or simply go outside and take some deep breaths. 
In health,
Joshua Baruch
Owner, General Manager
Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides
Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams


What is flattening the curve?

As explained in the New York Times articleFlattening the Coronavirus Curve, public health experts believe that social distancing efforts can significantly reduce the number of deaths in our community and the strain on our hospitals and emergency services – ensuring that resources are focused on those that need it most.