You vs. Wild

Outdoor Rescue Scenario Team Building Event: Finding your team under pressure!

Simulated survival & sensory awareness

Colorado Outdoor You Vs. Wild Rescue Scenario Team Building Event: How to find your team while under pressure! Learn how to successfully use all of your resources to overcome any challenge presented in the outdoors and transfer these skills back to four walls.

We’ll create simulated survival and sensory awareness situations that require teamwork to overcome improvised and dynamic outdoor challenges. Teams must use creativity and ingenuity to successfully save themselves and/or overcome any challenge the outdoors presents. We incorporate sensory integration skills and lessons that we have used on those that we have trained to successfully reach the highest points on the Earth (like K2 or Mount Everest), wintered in Antarctica, and been to extremely thin air locations.

Individuals will have the opportunity to learn about themselves and then undergo 2-6 dynamic challenges that will require learning, understanding, and application of group dynamic human behavior, incident command systems, and communication methods while undergoing unique and dynamic outdoor problems and situations. The outdoors is used as a player in the event as each day and location presents individual and everchanging situations which are different day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute. Challenges are designed with safety in mind and are customized for each group. We believe in ‘Challenge By Choice” and making an experience where all can participate.

Obstacle Challenge Examples

Wilderness medical situations, a missing team member in the mountains, Alaskan glacier camp where all supplies are unable to be located, a small explosion at South Pole communication tower, traveling through unknown outdoor terrain in no visibility conditions, dealing with uncertainty and the outdoors, Sensory integration challenges, and more.

Team Building Focus: Team Building Communication, Independency/Interdependency, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Planning/Adaptability, Trust, Bonding, and Group Dynamics.

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Benefits of Experiential Team Building

Research Driven Outcomes

Growth & Learning

Team challenges foster change and understanding in our physical bodies, our relationships, and our sense of self worth.

Your Time Counts

Even a four-hour is shown to significant positive effect on self-efficacy (self-confidence) and this lasts at least 6 weeks.

Group Benefits

Enhanced communication skills, improved critical thinking and problem solving, enhanced trust, improve decision making skills, enhanced teamwork, leadership, and cooperation.

Individual Benefits

Overcome personal limitations & prejudices, improve confidence, self-esteem & strength, increase compassion, promote emotional expression.

" We did a Team Building Event for our Business Development Team. They were very professional, came early to set up, made the event fun and everyone enjoyed it and participated. All the comments back from the team were excellent! " EnviroTech Services, Inc

" Our group at work had a business meeting for two days in our Boulder office last week. We decided to go to the mountains... It turned out this is one of the best group outings we have had. " 2018

" We have partnered with CWRAG for a few years and they do an amazing job! They can come into a ballroom space or take you anywhere in Colorado for activities, team building or learning about our environment. " Dean, 2019


Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos