Colorado Olympic Challenge (Winter/Summer)

Go for gold in our multi-event adventure course set up to emulate Olympic Games.

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Colorado Corporate Olympics Championship

The Olympic games display some of the fiercest determination and commitment among international athletes. At the same time, the games create an atmosphere of excitement, camaraderie, and pride where participants challenge themselves to be the best they can be. We take this spirit of the Olympics and apply it to a shared event where success is defined by how well we work together, challenge ourselves, and deal with adversity. This event is designed to promote fun, collaboration, and cooperation while showcasing each individual’s unique skills and talents. Groups will be divided into teams and have the chance to become a country and dress in the spirit of that country. Groups will go through 5-10 mini-Olympics elements or obstacles with bronze, silver, and gold medals being awarded based on overall team success in the games.

Winter Game Activities: biathlon, curling, ice hockey, luge, and Nordic combined. Optional: Zorb ball – bowling, scooter races, and more.

Summer Game Activities: archery, decathlon, badminton, volleyball, basketball, cycling mountain bike, fencing, football (soccer), golf, handball, shooting, weightlifting. Optional: Zorb ball – bowling, scooter races.

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Combined Winter / Summer Activities: all the above.
Bonus Activities: kayak pool and kayaks or canoes, zorb balls, Giant slip and slide (w/tubes) 450’ or 600’, climbing wall, fly fishing pool with trout.
Team Building Focus: Bonding, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Group Dynamics.

Benefits of Experiential Team Building

Research Driven Outcomes

Growth & Learning

Team challenges foster change and understanding in our physical bodies, our relationships, and our sense of self worth.

Your Time Counts

Even a four-hour is shown to significant positive effect on self-efficacy (self-confidence) and this lasts at least 6 weeks.

Group Benefits

Enhanced communication skills, improved critical thinking and problem solving, enhanced trust, improve decision making skills, enhanced teamwork, leadership, and cooperation.

Individual Benefits

Overcome personal limitations & prejudices, improve confidence, self-esteem & strength, increase compassion, promote emotional expression.

" The team event exceeded our expectations and was very well received by our team. " Tim, Google

" Two of our top athletes said that this was the best training camp and training camp activities they have ever done in the more than 10 years as a professional cyclist. " Ali, Cannondale Garmin

" For the experience our groups had, I would say that the pricing is a real value and would happily recommend this group to anyone interested in being active while in the beautiful state of Colorado. " Jennifer, Oppenheimer


Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos