Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams 2019 Denver Group Tours

As the gateway to the West, Denver is one of America’s fastest and most forward-thinking cities of business, commerce, culture, and outstanding outdoor recreation. With a multitude of outdoor businesses calling Denver home, including companies like The North Face and Outdoor Retailer, Denver is renown for it’s exceptional open spaces, world class rock climbing, biking, hiking, and fly fishing, and a population that cherishes and protects their outdoor lands.

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams specializes in large group tours, helping others explore our spectacular outdoor playgrounds, whether mountain biking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, hiking, fly-fishing and fly fishing. We bring years of knowledge built in the outdoor world to create an experience that your team will never forget.


Check out some of the best of our Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams 2019 Group Tours from Denver.


Hiking / Mountaineering / Backpacking Denver  – the Best on foot or crampon around Denver 

There is no better way to explore Colorado then to see the state from our local trails and open spaces. Hiking either in Boulder, Morrison, or Rocky Mountain National Park allows you to see the state’s natural beauty as it’s meant to be seen, exploring the waterfalls, alpine lakes, big mountain scenery, and wildlife that make up the state.

Closest to Denver, we’ll explore Mt. Falcon and Morrison, close to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, where we’ll have overreaching views of the City of Denver, Denver International Airport, and Boulder and the Flatirons in the far distance. On one side, hikers will get to overlook the spectacular Continental Divide, including Rocky Mountain National Park and the James and Indian Peaks Wildernesses.

Just 45 minutes from Denver is the City of Boulder, whose mountain skyline dramatically explodes from the Eastern Plains, rising far above the city. In Boulder, we’ll get to explore the iconic Flatirons, the massive sandstone formations that rise far above the city, as well as the famed peaks that line the city, with summits that overlook Downtown Boulder, and views that spread to Denver in the distance, the Continental Divide, and the mountains that border the city.

For those who want to truly explore Colorado, there’s no better way to explore the state then to be at the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, America’s 10th, and one of it’s most revered national treasures.

In Rocky Mountain National Park we’ll get to explore some of the high alpine lakes, big mountain skyline that surrounds the park, wildlife such as moose, elk, coyotes, and black bear. We’ll get to pick from a multitude of trails from quiet and scenic jaunts through the wooded forests, to exhilarating climbs up some of the most iconic peaks and summits in the park. This is a great way to bond your team on a one of a kind adventure through some of America’s most famous landscapes.

To truly experience the best of Colorado’s trails, join us for a backpacking or mountaineering excursion, which will take you to some of the best of Colorado’s landscapes, in a way that will truly immerse you into Colorado’s outdoor culture.

In mountaineering, we summit some of the great peaks of Colorado, from the magnificent 14ers, to the smaller but more rugged 12 and 13ers, standing from some of the greatest high points of the state. From the mild trails leading up Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Grays and Torreys, to the tougher trail to the summit of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s the ultimate test of endurance and fortitude in the state.

To truly get into the heart of the wilderness, join us for a backpacking tour to some of Colorado’s most iconic landscapes. From the unique architecture of the Flattop Wilderness to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of Colorado’s and America’s most beloved open spaces, and the James and Indian Peaks Wildernesses, backpacking takes you over several nights, to some of the great campsites of the West, experiencing the state in a way that few others get to see. This is one of the best ways to really experience Colorado as it’s meant to be seen.

Hiking Boulder Royal Arch
Hiking Boulder Royal Arch with Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams

Rock Climbing Denver Colorado – Get Vertical around Denver 

Take your teams abilities, passions, and physical and mental strength to literal new heights with rock climbing, only half an hour from Downtown Denver. Colorado is one of the centers of world rock climbing, having bred generations of great athletes and mountaineers that have taken their talents across the globe but never forgotten what home offers.

Exploring the red rock cliffs of Golden or the scenic walls of Clear Creek Canyon, high above the rushing waters of the creek, offers an opportunity to experience Colorado in a way that made the state famous, through it’s towering walls and famed ascents.

We’ll depart from Downtown Denver and go to one of several climbing sites, Table Mountain Cliffs in Golden, Clear Creek Canyon, or head towards Boulder and explore Boulder Canyon, or Eldorado Canyon for it’s stout and difficult legendary walls.

For beginner climbers we’ll head to Golden Cliffs or Boulder Canyon with easy to moderate ascents that are great for beginner to intermediate climbers. We’ll set a top rope, which means that the rope is on a pulley system from above.

For more intermediate to advanced climbers, a trip to Eldorado Canyon will test your limits, climbing on some of the most classic and toughest routes in the west.

Mountain Biking Denver Colorado – Single and Double Tracks for group adventure rides

As one of the world’s mountain biking meccas, Colorado is known for it’s legendary trails, tours, high peaks, and great riding both uphill and downhill. Mountain biking is one of Colorado’s most well-known and beloved past-times, with some of the best riding in the world just outside of Boulder and Denver.

There are a multitude of trails ranging from beginner descents, to challenging and twisting trails through some of Colorado’s canyons, hills, and peaks. Some of our favorite rides start just minutes from Downtown Denver, exploring the area around Red Rocks Amphitheater, with challenging uphill pushes, and smooth downhill rides, or exploring the local trails around Morrison, Evergreen, and Centennial Cone, giving riders truly exceptional mountain biking.

To get farther from the city, Boulder is one of the world stages for mountain biking, with legendary trails leading all the way up the Continental Divide. Some of our favorite rides start in South Boulder, with easy riding over rolling hills with a breathtaking Flatiron backdrop with the snowy peaks of the Continental Divide rising in the background. For an easier ride, explore the Switzerland Trail, which starts at the top of Boulder Canyon, high above the city and then drops down into Downtown Boulder, allowing riders to explore a historical trail that took miners to the top of Boulder Canyon. The downhill ride weaves between roads, forests, off-road trails, and finally down to the city, where we can enjoy a post-ride celebration at one of Boulder’s many breweries. Come check out some of the best of Colorado’s mountain biking.

Robin Meetz

Fly Fishing Denver Colorado – Great Guided Fly Fishing close to Denver 

As one of the most prime destinations for fly fishing in America, Colorado is home to not just a multitude of species, but also challenging streams and rivers as well as great entry level terrain in spectacular settings. With access to Clear Creek Canyon, Boulder Canyon, and Rocky Mountain National Park, there is fishing for every level.

Closest to Denver is Clear Creek Canyon and Boulder Canyon, with a multitude of species including rainbow, brook, brown, and the native cutthroat greenback trout, native only to Colorado.

From easy wading into flat ponds to stepping into wild whitewater streams, there’s plenty for experienced and beginner anglers alike, with expert guidance in how to make the best success of your day.

For the more adventurous, we’ll head upstate to the magnificent Upper Colorado River Basin, set in an alpine desert near Steamboat Springs, where we’ll raft between red rock canyons and get to fish for various trout either from the raft, the shore, or wading onto rocky islands in the middle of the river. It’s a one of a kind Colorado experience that you’ll never forget.

Whitewater Rafting Clear Creek

Whitewater Rafting Denver Area – Experience the thrill of Whitewater 

Beat the heat in the summer months with an exciting whitewater rafting trip just 30 minutes from Downtown Denver.

Set in Clear Creek Canyon, between stone walls, and lined with the relics of Colorado’s gold mining legacy, riders will get to experience from moderate Class II to thrilling Class V rapids, riding between relics of Colorado’s history and experiencing some of the best whitewater in the west.

With an experienced guide helming the boat, riders will get to drop down into thrilling whirlpools, fun flowing rapids, and tight corners and squeezes, in a safe and controlled environment.

For a longer day, join us for a trip on the Upper Colorado River, as we explore the milder waters, but more remote and scenic territory of the spectacular Upper Colorado River Basin, where we’ll get to explore hot springs, cliff jumping, fly fishing, and some of the most remote rapids in Colorado. This is a trip offered in few other places, and one that your team will never forget.