Summer Team Building Events – Spice Up your Colorado Events and Training  

With the warm Colorado sunshine, summer is a great time to get your team outside! Summer is a great time for team building, because with the longer days and warmer climates, we’re able to explore farther, get to explore Colorado’s iconic landscapes, cities, and iconic breweries, and take in the best of Colorado. From leadership development courses to executive retreats, we’ll get your team on a day that they’ll be talking about for a long time, whether it’s an event that helps benefit the community, or just getting your group out for a day of fun. Check out some of our favorite summer team building events.

Amazing Denver Urban Race and Denver Brewery Amazing Race
Amazing Denver Urban Race and Denver Brewery Amazing Race


Brewery Amazing Race

Is there any better way to explore the Colorado summer, than to settle down with a nice cold local beer? The Brewery Amazing Race combines the best of one of Colorado’s most prized industries with a challenging course that tests your team’s physical and mental abilities, in a way that teaches lessons that they’ll be able to use from the field all the way to the boardroom. We’ll discover what made Colorado’s brewery industry so innovative and beloved, and get to sample some of the West’s best microbrews. Whether it’s in Denver, Boulder, or beyond, we’ll solve challenges and then move from one location to the next, getting to see what makes the Front Range’s beer scene so unique.


Boulder Build A Bike Corporate Social Responsibility Event

Community Impact Events

Coloradans love to get outside, which is no surprise given the natural splendors and wonders of the state. A community impact event helps to enhance the possibilities for all people, while knowing that your company gave back to the state in a big way. Whether your company is helping to maintain trails, building bikes for underprivileged families, or helping maintain Colorado’s fisheries and trout populations, we’ll get your team on a day that’s going to help benefit the greater community.  Some of our most popular activities include helping to maintain trailheads by cleaning up, removing brush, and doing physical work to keep them pristine, then enjoying them with a hike or mountain bike ride.


Participants can also participate in our popular build-a-bike event where we’ll get to work together to build a disassembled bicycle for underprivileged children. Teams will work in groups to build different components of a brand new bicycle and then get to watch in pride, as the bike is then given to an underprivileged child, giving them the ultimate summer freedom.


Discovering a part of Colorado’s culture that’s rarely touched upon is helping to maintain a healthy fishery system. Guests can participate in a day where they learn about the importance of Colorado’s fish hatchery ecology. We’ll first learn about the importance of Colorado’s hatchery system and then get to work on several projects to maintain and improve their vitality including helping to maintain a clean tank and other duties, which will help to keep the system moving efficiently. This is a great way to explore a side of Colorado’s outdoor culture that’s seldom explored.


Fort Collins Amazing Downtown Race and Team Challenge


Urban and Outdoor Scavenger Hunts 

The streets and wildernesses of Colorado truly light up in the summer, with the illuminated mountains in the background and the colorful streets filled with vibrant characters and many enjoying the sights, it’s a great time to get your team to see Colorado in a way that few others get to experience. Scavenger Hunts are a little bit history and culture, and a look into the state’s spectacular wilderness areas. Teams will be given clever clues, which will take them from series of historical landmarks and points of cultural interest, where they’ll move from one clue to the next, using critical thinking and cleverness to reach the finish line.


Colorado Escape from Alcatraz Aurora Team Building Event - Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams
Colorado Escape from Alcatraz Aurora Team Building Event – Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams

Inventors Team Building Challenge and Escape from Alcatraz

Cool off from the heat of summer and use brains and brawn to build inventions and then get your team past the finish line. Inventors and Escape from Alcatraz have teams using parts to build clever boats and then navigate them around a thrilling course, which will have teams working together and using their collective skills to build the most functional watercraft and then take their team to victory while learning how to take charge, exploring essential leadership skills, and using critical thinking and mechanical skills to build the ultimate escape vehicle. This is a great way to energize your team and get them thinking in a way that they’re not used to.


IPW Denver Colorado Group Adventures Denver Bike Tours
IPW Denver Colorado Group Adventures Denver Bike Tours
Group Hiking in Denver Colorado
Group Hiking in Denver Colorado

Colorado Group Events and Tours

If you want to truly get your team on an unforgettable adventure, join our group events and tours and we’ll get your team on a day that they’ll never forget. From sightseeing to hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, whitewater rafting, fly fishing, our mountain biking, we specialize in getting groups out on custom and private tours of all ability levels that helps them explore the best of Colorado’s wild landscapes. Whether in Denver or Boulder, we’ll get your team out on a half-day, full-day or multi-day adventure that we’ll be talking about for a long time. Explore the best of our group events and tours.


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