Amazing Outdoor Race, Scavenger Hunt, and Orienteering

In Teambuilding activities, our goal is to create a fun, lighthearted activity, which will not only be enjoyable for your group, but also relies on inter-personal communication and trust to reach a common goal. With each individual event designed to meet the goals of your team, we use each activity as an opportunity to test core principles such as leadership, reliability and communication in order to bring out the best of the event. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is the only company that holds 14-land manager permits. We can hold our events anywhere your team likes. Three of our most popular events rely on wit, clever thinking, and brainpower: The Amazing Race, the Colorado Scavenger Hunt, and the Orienteering Challenge.


Amazing Outdoor Race

Whether in an urban environment or in the wilderness, your team will have to use their combined knowledge and skill to solve a series of riddles and physical challenges. They will travel from one station to another providing a response to witty questions and then partake in challenges, which have them using every part of their body in order to move to the next round. Want to make it even more interesting? Consider a Brewery Amazing Race, where we design a course based around Colorado’s famed breweries. Your team gets to celebrate a well-earned victory over some America’s best beers.


Scavenger Hunt 

Boulder and Denver have fascinating hidden histories. There are some places that can only be seen if you’re looking for them. The Colorado scavenger hunt utilizes some of Colorado’s unique cultural history to design a program that’ll have your team searching for hidden treasures. Teams will be given a map and a set of clues, then work together to decipher clever riddles as they visit local sights and businesses in order to search for a great prize. The payoff is your team having learned to communicate, think proactively, and work together towards a common goal. Another great example of a program we create is the Downtown Denver Lucky 11 Brewery Race.



Using Boulder and Denver’s spectacular topography, teams will learn valuable wilderness skills as they use a map to find direction and race from one point to the next. Not only does your team learn effective communication, but they also learn great wilderness skills that are as useful in the office as they are outside. Each team is building new fundamentals as well as utilizing physical and mental power to overcome challenges.