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Helping Leaders and Teams Thrive

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides (CWRAG), a Boulder-based premier outdoor adventure company, was founded on the belief that experiences in the outdoors positively impact people in several ways. Whether revealing one’s ability to meet challenges or releasing unproductive anxiety, the wilderness can and should be a place of discovery and development.

As a result of our continued growth and understanding of our clients, CWRAG developed a new segment of the company in 2013. Colorado Wilderness Corporate & Teams work in partnership with organizations to design programs uniquely tailored to their goals, needs, and context. Our guides and experiential educators have intimate knowledge of outdoor environments across the state. They have led small and large group outings around the world. The depth of their experience, some in the most difficult environments, allows us to create worthwhile experiences for our clients. Team building and leadership development programs are our specialties.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission:Transforming Lives, Leaders, and Teams Through Experiential Leadership Adventures!

Our VisionFostering deeper personal connections and relationships with each other and nature, while bringing inspiration to every leader and adventurous team in the Colorado Region and beyond.

Our Company ValuesOur Company is proud to conduct every aspect of our business under a set of values that we have all collectively adopted in order to be leaders in the field of wilderness adventure, leadership development and team building.

Experiential Learning, Transformation, Self Actualization

We recognize that every human being has an innate desire to self actualize, and we strive to facilitate this transformation by providing continuous experiential learning opportunities for our clients and our staff.

Passionate Love of the Earth, Highest Standards of Environmental Stewardship, Leadership in Teaching and Sharing Best Practices

We all share a passionate love for nature, the wilderness, and the Earth, and we practice the highest standards of environmental stewardship.  We acknowledge a responsibility to teach and share these practices with our clients and our community.  We equate the environmental stewardship of our natural resources with the leadership qualities and professionalism we strive to continuously develop within ourselves as well as for our clients.

Integrity – It Speaks Proudly for Itself

We value true ethics and honesty, above all corporate or personal gain, and we will conduct ourselves and every aspect of our business with absolute integrity.

Reduce Risk, Maximize Safety, Insure the Best Experience for Every Client

We will continue to study and practice the highest standards of risk management in our industry in order to reduce risk, maximize the safety of our clients and our guides, and insure the best experience for our clients on every wilderness adventure.

Know our Clients Needs and Provide a Fulfilling, Personalized Experience

We understand that each individual’s and each group’s experience in nature is unique, and we strive to personalize every client’s adventure, to know and meet our clients’ needs, and to create the best, most fulfilling experience possible for every client.

Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams wholeheartedly embraces the following values that we have collectively adopted in order to be leaders in the field of Wilderness Adventure, Leadership Development and Team Building.


Individually Tailored Events That Meet Our Clients’ Needs.


Using questionnaires and conversations, we work closely together to customize an event that meets your specific goals and desired outcomes.


With years of experience our skilled facilitators adapt in real time to maximize client engagement, insight and learning.


We create powerful experiences in awe-inspiring settings using our combined risk management and leadership development expertise.


By navigating all logistics for an incomparable educational adventure, we make the most of your time, leaving planners, participants, and directors supremely satisfied.

What Makes Us Different

We are Colorado’s only corporate team building and leadership development program provider with an outdoor focus. While we bring our skills and experience indoors as weather or logistics dictate, most of our programs use the tremendous capacity of the outdoors to stimulate, challenge, excite, inspire, teach, and restore. With 17 different land manager permits, we can legally operate on a variety of city, county, state, and federal lands. Our intimate knowledge of these areas allows us to offer a wide array of event possibilities for your team.

  • Professionally Educated Staff: We are professional experiential educators and facilitators with undergraduate and graduate education in Leadership Development, Experiential Education, Communication Studies, and Psychology.
  • Experienced Facilitators: We have facilitated more than 800 events since 2009. Our team includes individuals with 20 – 40 years of professional experience in the field of experiential education and leadership development.
  • Assessment Tool Expertise: Our educators have training in numerous assessment tools including DiSC, 360, Strength Finder, Myers-Briggs, Influence Style Indicator, Optimal Performance, and more.
  • Local:  We live in Colorado and Utah, know the environment like the back of our hands, and have strong connections with the local communities.
  • Permitted, Licensed, and Insured:  We have developed relationships with municipal, state, federal, and private land managers. Currently, we have 17 land manager permits, 3 state licenses, and are an official concessionaire in Rocky Mountain National Park. Therefore, all events comply with proper legal requirements and use our own permits and licenses.
  • Direct Service Provider: We are a direct-service provider rather than an event planner or destination management company. This gives us maximum opportunity to design, customize, and provide unique and individually tailored events that meet our clients’ needs.
  • Green Company:  We believe in sustainability. As a green company, we use carbon offsets for our transportation and our office gets 100% of its power from wind. We promote the reduce, reuse, and recycle model. We teach Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly principles and partner with these organizations.

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Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams designs events for every industry and across all sectors. We have worked with companies in the biotech, construction, medical, technology, renewable energy, mineral resource, food and beverage, and airline industries. Our staff have also designed events for sports teams, law enforcement, government agencies, transportation, rescue, and education professionals.

We strive to develop sustainable and long-lasting partnerships with all types of organizations. This allows us to better understand each organization’s unique culture. It also gives us the opportunity to provide innovative experiences that promote excellence, achievement, healthy communication, and inclusion to maximize organizational success.

nothing more powerful & motivating than a great day outdoors!


Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams Satisfied Cilents - company logos