Transcending Teams Through Experiential Adventures.

In terms of individual / group evolution, there are three stages to change: Here is the hierarchy for personal and team evolution.

Transcending Teams Through Experiential Adventures
Transcending Teams Through Experiential Adventures

Self-actualization (1st stage – the foundation for transformation and transcendence)

Transformation (2nd stage – middle tier)

Transcendence (3rd stage – top tier) – This is our ultimate goal. The realm of Greatness.


The outdoors, if utilized constructively, can transcend individuals and ultimately teams through creating experiences of Awe that ignite a passion and spark for change though self-actualization. Jill Suttie, writes how Awe brings people together in the Great Good Science Center. Please take a look at this article about Awe.

After individuals reach a state or development of self actualization, then they have the opportunity to transform themselves and their teams and ultimately attain transcendence (reaching a development state that attains their loftiest goals). This process could take years or a lifetime to reach and may never be reached. However, if we we are not shooting for the moon, we will never reach the moon. So why not be and create our loftiest dreams and make them our reality for ourselves and our teams.


Background on Experiential Education 

Experiential Education interpreted: Teaching self-mastery through structured situations and adventures which test the mind and body, and teach compassion through helping others in need in the present time. Currently, many authors and organizations use the terms “leadership development”, “renewal”, “personal growth”, and other terms to describe the “experience”.

Our Approach to Experiential Education and Adventure Education (aka – Experiential Adventures)

We, at Colorado Wilderness Corporate And Teams and Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guide, use dynamic educational transactions rather than cut and paste adventures or educational programs in designing and creating unique and ever changing experiential educational adventures.